Flamenco Dance Meets Spanish Classical Piano

For the first time in Atlanta, witness the extraordinary fusion of flamenco dance and Spanish classical piano music! Learn how Spanish classical composers captured the essence of flamenco, and transformed it into mesmerizing piano compositions. Each piece is a journey to the heart of Spain, designed to move you, educate you, and sweep you away on a cultural adventure.


Entre Mundos - Between Worlds, is a show that explores the unexpected connection between two seemingly distinct musical realms: Spanish classical music and flamenco dance.


Piano: Dr. Marina Bengoa Roldán

Dance: Ania "La Candela"


Sunday, May 19

5 pm


Emory Performing Arts Studio

1804 North Decatur Road, Atlanta, GA 30322


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At first glance, classical music and flamenco appear to be worlds apart, with their own distinct styles and cultural backgrounds. Classical music, renowned for its melodic, harmonic, and percussive qualities, stands in stark contrast to the fiery and passionate art of flamenco.


This show will unravel the hidden threads that bind these two musical genres together, revealing how they have inspired and enriched one another throughout history. It's an educational journey that will enrich the audience's appreciation of these rich and respected musical traditions.


The show features Dr. Marina Bengoa, a gifted pianist whose virtuosity on the piano will breathe life into beloved Spanish classical pieces that resonate with audiences around the world, proving that classical music can be exhilarating and enjoyable for all.


Entre Mundos - Between Worlds is funded in part by a grant from Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta.

Get to know our Art Partner: 

Dr. Marina Bengoa Roldán is an accomplished pianist from Spain who performs in the United States and across Europe in solo piano concerts, with orchestra, and as part of the Duo Nott. Marina commissioned and premiered worldwide the Fantasia Flamenca by the Spanish composer Pascual Gimeno, who dedicated the work to her. She has won numerous prizes in international and national piano competitions. Apart from her activity as a pianist, Marina regularly presents at national and international conferences. She gave presentations for the National Conference on Keyboard Pedagogy in 2021 and 2023, ASMTA (Arkansas Music Teachers Association), the Graduate conference at the University of Calgary (Canada), Musicking (University of Oregon), Catedra Bogota Musical International (Colombia), Encuentro de Pianistas (Costa Rica) and SHE: Women in Music Festival (University of Arkansas). She currently serves as an adjunct professor of piano at Southern Arkansas University. Marina holds a Doctorate in piano performance and a Master's in Piano Pedagogy from the University of Oregon, receiving the outstanding award in Piano Pedagogy. She also has a Master's in Piano Performance from Georgia State University. Marina is passionate about promoting Spanish music and has created a website dedicated to this purpose. You can find it at spanishpianomusic.org.

Ania Bartelmus "La Candela" is a passionate flamenco dancer, choreographer, and teaching artist dedicated to igniting creativity through her artistry. As the founder of La Candela Flamenco, she shares her profound love for flamenco with audiences of all ages, striving to bring people of diverse backgrounds together and inspiring them through traditional and reimagined flamenco performances. As the director, La Candela collaborates with local musicians, infusing her performances with innovative flamenco arrangements and fusion pieces.


Ania's solo career includes annual performances at the Hudson Valley Flamenco Festival, where she was invited to choreograph a contemporary flamenco piece in 2023. She received commissions for choreography, such as the "Pandemic Atlanta" project in 2020 and a grant from Arts Entertainment Atlanta for her project "Inspiración" in 2022. In 2024, she is set to premiere "Entre Mundos – Between Worlds," a unique fusion of flamenco dance and Spanish classical piano, supported by a grant from the Community Foundation for Greater Atlanta, showcasing her commitment to exploring new dimensions of flamenco. Ania's creative practice continues to inspire and enchant, bridging cultures and transcending boundaries with every movement. You can find more information about Ania at here.

What is flamenco?

Flamenco, originating from Spain's Andalusian region, is a mesmerizing art form celebrated for its captivating dance, music, and song. The dance, or "baile," is a spellbinding display of rhythmic footwork, precise movements, and emotive gestures, all performed with a raw intensity that speaks to the depths of human emotion. Dancers, adorned in vibrant, ruffled costumes, command the stage with their graceful yet powerful expressions, interpreting the music's nuances with every step. From intricate, percussive footwork to dramatic poses, flamenco dance is a breathtaking fusion of passion, tradition, and self-expression, captivating audiences with its unparalleled beauty and raw authenticity.

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