Virtual Flamenco Services

In ADDITION TO in-person events, in response to COVID-19, La Candela Company offers the following virtual flamenco services:


Full Virtual Flamenco Performance - prices vary, please contact for a quote

- A live flamenco performance including Ania "La Candela" dancing to recorded music, accompanied by a guitarist, or a Spanish/flamenco guitar session. The final price depends on the duration and performers included in the event. Streamed via Zoom or a platform of your choice. Perfect for any celebration! 


Personalized Flamenco Performance Postcard - $75

- A recording of a brief, personalized flamenco performance by Ania "La Candela" that the recipient can view on their phone or TV, ending in a personal message. Includes one dance and a personalized message. Perfect for birthdays, anniversaries and other personal occasions.


Virtual Educational Performances - prices vary, please contact for a quote

- A pre-recorded or live flamenco educational performance for primary & secondary educational Institutions.


Please read more about our educational offer. 


 Stream our production of "A dos guitarras" at you event - please contact for a quote

- A pre-recorded performance of "A dos guitarras" performance ready to stream at your event. Please contact for a quote.  




Personalized Flamenco Postcard - $15-20

- A real postcard or a greeting card designed using one of Ania "La Candela" professional dance photos that includes your greetings message to the sender, is signed by Ania, printed, stamped, and sent directly to the sender you specify. Anywhere in the world! ($20)


- An already printed postcard hand written and signed by Ania with greetings a message. Stamped and sent directly to the sender you specify. ($15) 



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