events · 11. September 2020
Due to the travel limitations related to COVID-19, Flamenco Bienal offers live streaming of several performances, live from Seville, on their YouTube channel.

events · 17. June 2019
It was my first time teaming up with the American Cancer Society Relay for Life to organize a flamenco fundraiser. It was definitely the hardest project I ever carried out, yet it was a great experience! Here is how it went:

events · 05. April 2019
Last Friday, April 5th, we had a pleasure of sharing the art of flamenco with the students of CCG and the residents of Brunswick, GA!!

events · 09. August 2018
A recap of a flamenco baby shower!

events · 26. May 2018
A recap of a flamenco wedding and flamenco wedding ideas.