School Shows and Arts Education

Primary & Secondary Educational Institutions

La Candela Company's school program includes flamenco demonstration shows that educate children about the art and culture of flamenco from Spain. The program is tailored to schools' needs and the desired duration. It can range from a simple flamenco dance and music demonstration to educational shows where children learn where flamenco comes from, about its rhythms, ways to mark flamenco rhythm, and how feelings are expressed in flamenco. 


The shows help them understand how diverse arts and culture are in different countries and appreciate that there is much more out there yet to learn. They start to understand that different is good too, and that you can indeed express yourself through arts. Every show includes interaction with children, in a form of pulling volunteers to learn basic flamenco dance steps, or engaging them by asking questions about what they already know about flamenco or about what they feel watching the performance.


Educational flamenco shows are great for school's International Day, Spanish Heritage Month, Cultural Nights, Spanish Day, History Day, International Night, School Festivals, Arts Day, Cultural Day, Passport Day.

What do kids say?

Universities & Other Post Secondary Educational Institutions

La Candela Company brings the best of flamenco dance and music, conveying the exotic character of the dance, including flamboyant flamenco outfits straight from Spain and mastery of dancing with all the flamenco accessories, such as different fans, huge embroidered shawl and a skirt with a train. Our shows offer a full Spanish culture immersion. Flamenco dancer can mesmerize any audience with her use of accessories and energetic expressions, and get their heart beating faster as they watch and hear her perfect zapateado (percussive footwork).


Some of the universities we performed at:

Georgia State University

Winthrop University

Perimeter College

College of Coastal Georgia