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About La Candela Flamenco

La Candela (from Spanish, fire or flame) brings the essence of fiery flamenco in a fun, colorful, and interactive way, introducing the art form of flamenco to audiences of all ages. La Candela Flamenco's mission is to bring people of diverse backgrounds together, inspiring them through traditional and reimagined flamenco performances.

PK-12 programs

Lecture demonstrations:

La Candela Flamenco program presents cultural expression through flamenco music and dance. Students will view the live dance presentation under the direction of flamenco dancer Ania La Candela, accompanied by a flamenco guitarist and a world percussionist. The bi-lingual program is fun, interactive, and engages students while teaching them about flamenco history, its rhythms, and elements. Students are introduced to the origins, sounds and uses of flamenco instruments - including guitar, cajón & castanets. As the demonstration progresses, students become part of the show.


Diversity, self-esteem, teamwork

The shows help students understand how diverse arts and culture are in different countries and that diversity is positive and fun. When performing basic flamenco dance steps in a group they build self-esteem. The program also addresses the teamwork aspect of performing together and that flamenco performance is a continuous dialogue between artists. 


Lecture demonstration themes:

  • The Art & Culture of Flamenco
  • Hispanic Heritage Celebration: This show explores the cultural exchange between Spain and Latin America through the language of flamenco. 

Workshops & residencies

Students explore and learn the culture and history of flamenco as well as it's dance and music technique. They develop social skills and learn how to express themselves through arts.


Curriculum: World Cultures, World Dance Forms, Culture History, World Languages


Flamenco was declared the World Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO.


Grades: PreK-12

15-45 minute presentation, depending upon class needs;





"Kids feel flamenco dance beat" by Drew Wilson for Wilson Times. Click to read the full article.


Educator Keleigh Carey shared, "It's a great way for students to experience other cultures outside of textbooks and videos." 📚🌟


Little Lilah exclaimed, "It was crazy and cool—the best day ever!" 🤩👧


All Ages

Just for Fun

Enjoy an exciting performance of dance and music by La Candela Flamenco, featuring dancer, guitarist, and drummer without the educational component. 


These shows are great for school's International Day, Hispanic Heritage Month, Cultural Nights, Spanish Day, History Day, International Night, School Festivals, Arts Day, Artist Day, Cultural Day, Passport Day, School Assembly. 

From our audience:

Universities & Other Post Secondary Educational Institutions

La Candela Company brings the best of flamenco dance and music, conveying the exotic character of the dance, including flamboyant flamenco outfits straight from Spain and mastery of dancing with all the flamenco accessories, such as different fans, huge embroidered shawl and a skirt with a train. Our shows offer a full Spanish culture immersion. Flamenco dancer can mesmerize any audience with her use of accessories and energetic expressions, and get their heart beating faster as they watch and hear her perfect zapateado (percussive footwork). Flamenco is an ideal addition to your campus International Festival, or to include among the cultural campus activities.


Some of the universities we performed at:

Georgia State University

Winthrop University

Perimeter College

College of Coastal Georgia

Take a look at the report from our performance at the International Festival at the College of Coastal Georgia.

Theater production

Learn more about our production "A dos guitarras". A full theater show produced by La Candela Company.