Creative Aging

Experience the vibrant and interactive world of flamenco through the captivating La Candela Flamenco Creative Aging demonstrations. These engaging shows, suitable for audiences of all ages and abilities, blend performance and interaction, providing seniors with an opportunity to connect with both the art form and each other. From energetic dancing to rhythmic movements of the upper body, arms, and hands, there are countless ways for audiences to participate and immerse themselves in the rich flamenco culture.

Flamenco dancer perfomances in Metro Atlanta


Length: 50 minutes + Q&A


Who: Dancer Ania La Candela


Where: in-person, Metro Atlanta & vicinity


Times available: 11am -2pm, Monday - Friday


La Candela

Ania Bartelmus, "La Candela", is a renowned flamenco dancer based in Atlanta, GA, and the Founder/Director of La Candela Flamenco. Over the years, she trained with Spain’s top flamenco artists during her 3 year stay in Sevilla and other frequent visits to this flamenco capital.  She has appeared in venues in Poland, Switzerland, Spain and US including Spanish tablaos, US venues, CBS program “Better Mornings Atlanta” and PBS program “This is Atlanta”.  Ania was a featured dancer in the music video “Kiss the Night” by Summer Azul, and principal dancer for David Maldonado's flamenco symphony tour "Noche de Pasion". 2005 - 2011 she performed as a soloist for Calo Gitano Flamenco Dance Company, and as a guest dancer with Berdole Flamenco, Julie Baggenstoss. In 2019 Ania was chosen as a finalist for the Flamenco Vivo Certamen USA competition and as of 2020 Ania is honored to be a member of Flamenco Vivo’s professional Consorcio Flamenco, a group dedicated to growing flamenco on the national stage. In 2020, Ania was commissioned to create choreography for the City of Atlanta’s project “Pandemic Atlanta”.  As director of La Candela Company Ania collaborates with local musicians to create flamenco arrangements and flamenco fusion pieces, which she also produces. 

Photos from Holbrook Senior Living