by La Candela Flamenco

A little bit about how BAILAORA came to life!!! 


Thanks to everyone who saw her, took pictures with her, and entered our giveaway at the Atlanta Botanical Garden.


Congrats to the giveaway winners: Jammie L, Cristina T., and Fred S.!!! 


To celebrate BAILAORA's one month at the Botanical Garden, we will bring her to our show this Saturday, November 5 at the Mask Theater. 


Upcoming Shows!

  • Saturday, November 5th, 8 pm, A Night of Flamenco, 'Mask Theater' (Inman Park) TICKETS
  • Sunday, December 18th, 5 pm, Flamenco & Paella Holiday Show @ Bravo (Duluth) TICKETS

La Candela Flamenco's mission is to bring people of diverse backgrounds together, inspiring them through traditional and reimagined flamenco performances.


Scarecrow 'Bailaora' creative team:

Ania 'La Candela' - creative director

Sheila MaBelle - hair and make-up

Greg Fior - structure