Lecture Demonstrations

Lecture demonstrations  are shows with an educational element where audiences are invited to discover the art of flamenco. The audience is motivated to join the energy created by this performance, shout óle, clap to the music, and even get up and dance.

Hispanic Heritage Month

La Candela Flamenco takes you on a musical journey from Spain to the New World, and back. Discover the rich musical history of flamenco in connection to the music and dances of Cuba, Venezuela, Mexico, Peru, and Africa. 

Winter Holidays

Tis the season! Celebrate Winter Holiday Season with La Candela Flamenco. Learn about Holiday traditions in Spain, and other parts of the world, told via the language of flamenco.

This is is Flamenco!

Discover the rich world of the art of flamenco with La Candela Flamenco. Learn about its origin, history, and elements of African, Latin American, Spanish, and Jewish cultures in flamenco dance and music.