UPDATE: We have raised $5407!! Thank you to everyone who attended the concert and those who donated without attending!!

 Sunday, May 22, 2 pm


The Oliver

5193 Peachtree Blvd, Atlanta, GA 30341



La Candela Flamenco

Candela - dance

Jerry Fields - drums

Jose Chirinos - guitar


Special guest performances:

Iryna Valles - Ukrainian song

Olena Kovban - bandura


 La Candela Spanish Guitar

Karl Louis - guitar


Food tasting by:

Arturo Paellas: Paella Mar Y Tierra

Brave Wojtek: Pierogi 


360 Video Booth Experience by Bonche!!


*Thanks to our sponsors, each ticket includes performances, paella or pierogi, and drinks. Wine is complimentary.  

Doors open: 1 pm 

Show - first set: 2 pm

Paella & pierogi tasting: 3 pm

Show - second set: 4 pm

All proceeds support the Polish Humanitarian Action campaign SOS Ukraine.



Established in 1992, the Polish Humanitarian Action, PAH, is a Polish non-governmental organization that operates primarily in Poland, as well as other countries. Its mission is "to make the world a better place through alleviation of human suffering and promotion of humanitarian values."  


With their emergency response campaign SOS UKRAINE, the organization provides humanitarian aid including food and other forms of support to people who had to leave their homes. Their actions include helping people affected by conflict, including people internally displaced in Ukraine, as well as refugees coming to Poland.

Due to the war in Ukraine, millions of people have to flee their homes. More than 6 million people have already crossed the borders of Ukraine. Millions of people had to be displaced internally. In the next few months, these numbers are projected to increase. Behind each of these numbers are human stories and tragedies. Let's help them survive the toughest times!

Food Sponsors

Paella Mar y Tierra by Arturo Paellas

Pork, chicken, shrimp, squid, scallops, clams, mussels, prawns, seafood variety. Flat bean, red pepper, tomato, garlic, saffron, sherry, green peas.


”I started cooking paellas in Venezuela many years ago when Paella is a Catalan word which derives from the old French word “paelle” for pan which in turn comes from the Latin word “patella” for pan as well.

To learn more about Arturo, visit the Atlanta Magazine.


Pierogi by Brave Wojtek

Cheese & potatoes pierogi.


“I’ve been cooking Polish food my whole life because of my mom. My mom’s family is Polish,” says Matt Reeves, who recently launched Polish food pop-up Brave Wojtek. Reeves named the pop-up after a World War II Polish folk hero, a Syrian brown bear called Wojtek, who was orphaned as a cub and found by the 22nd Artillery Supply Company while stationed in the Soviet Union. In Brave Wojtek, Reeves says, he’s reconnecting to his Polish heritage and the country’s history through food.

To learn more about Brave Wojtek, visit the Eater Atlanta.


La Candela Flamenco (from Spanish, fire or flame) brings the essence of fiery flamenco, Latin jazz, and world

music to your event. 

Guest Ukrainian Performers

Originally from Chernihiv, Ukraine, Iryna Valles, graduated from musical school but later proceeded to a career as a linguist. With a major in Chinese and English and a love for music and stage, the decision took her on an international music trip, giving her an opportunity to perform with bands from all over the world on stages in Ukraine, Asia, and the USA. Since 2018 Iryna has been co-creating and co-producing events for the Ukrainian Congress Committee of America ( Georgia Branch).

Olena Kovban, bandura. The bandura is the instrument that best embodies the voice and soul of Ukraine. From a musical perspective, the bandura unifies acoustic principles of both the lute and the harp. This produces a sound that is emphatic and gentle, resembling that of a harpsichord, but with a wide range of dynamics and tonal control. The bandura’s development closely reflects the history of the Ukrainian nation, dating back hundreds of centuries, and is considered by many to be the national instrument of Ukraine. Photo credit: Britannica Text: Bandura.org


About the event venue - The Oliver

The Oliver is a mixed-used development of apartments and offices, and home to Trebol Media Group. The event will take place in the community area reserved for the Benefit Concert. The space is a partially outdoor venue with a lot of air circulation from the outside.