A dos guitarras

"A dos guitarras” is an original flamenco production of Ania Bartelmus "La Candela", who has produced and performed flamenco events across the US and Europe. The production features traditional flamenco, Latin American, and classical Spanish music performed by two guitarists, as well as breathtaking choreography that will take the audience through all the paths and emotions of a flamenco performance from renowned flamenco performer Ania "La Candela". Audiences can travel to Spain and experience Spanish flamenco culture at your event or venue.


"I thoroughly enjoyed the concert and hope to attend the next one. It is not often that one has an opportunity to watch such a beautiful and authentic form of dance :)" Marek G.


"A beautiful and talented flamenco dancer! An amazing performer💃 👠Can't wait to see her again! 🌷🌷 I had a great time at "A Dos Guitarras" Viviane K.


"My wife and I both enjoyed the show immensely. It was a fun and upbeat atmosphere, and the dancer told an incredible story. We felt as if we were in Spain." Aaron S.



Flamenco is a performance art now performed across the world and dating back to the 19th century that originates in the southern Andalusian region of Spain. Initially, flamenco was popular as a dance form accompanied by a guitar, a technique based on the classic Spanish guitar music from the 18th century. It wasn't until the second part of the 19th century that flamenco performances were accompanied by singers. Flamenco dance has its origins in its Spanish forerunner, the bolero school of dance, and shows influences of African, Gypsy, Indian, local Andalusian folkloric, and African dances. The music itself was born out of the rich tradition of Spanish music and carries strong influences from Latin American as well as African music. 

Duration: dependent on the need