Flamenco Dance Schools in Seville

Finding information about where to study flamenco in Seville, can be tricky. I remember the first time I went in 2009, and there were hardly any information you could access online about flamenco schools. Most of the information was accessible by the word of mouth only. Nowadays, most schools post their information online, but not all of them have websites and it still takes an insider to know where to look for this information. My guide is organized by barrios (neighborhoods) of Sevilla.

San Julián


Address: C/ Fray Diego de Cádiz 21


This is the school of sisters Ursula and Támara López. Ursula is the principal flamenco teacher and Támara is the principal ballet, danza espanola (Spanish dance) and escuela bolera teacher. All regular classes happen from morning to late afternoon.

Formarte Flamenco

Address: Plaza del Pélicano, 4 local 6

Facebook page

This is the school of José el Oruco. His famous technique classes happen usually as follows, unless he is out of Seville:

Mon-Fri: 11:00 - 12:30 (more advanced level, that many professional dancers attend)

Mon-Thu: 17:00 - 18:30 (less advanced level)

Formarte also offers cursillos (workshops) with many invited dancers. Check their Facebook page for details.


Estudio Flamenco Juan Povillo

Address: C/ Sol 84


Classes change monthly. Also, check Juan´s Facebook page for the updates and schedule of classes. Some of the teachers you can study there with, depending on the season, are: Juan Povillo, La Choni, Susana Casas, Soraya Clavijo, La Moneta, and Mercedes de Córdoba.


Andrés Marín Flamenco Abierto

Address: C/ Divina Pastora 14


This is the school of the famous flamenco dancer Andrés Marín. Some of the teachers you can study there with, depending on the season, are: Andrés Marín, Leonor Leal, and Patricia Guerrero. The big advantage of this school is that Andres's wife is American and she works at the front office, so you will be able to easily communicate and plan classes with her. This school mainly offers workshops.

Flamencos Por El Mundo

Address: C/ San Luis 31

Facebook page

The primary teacher there is Manuela Rios, who teaches everything from technique to bata de cola. They have many other visiting teachers as well, so please check their website for updates.


San Vicente

Estudio de baile Alicia Márquez

Address: C/ Cantabria 7


This is the school of Alicia Márquez and her husband Ramón Martinez. They give classes in the morning and afternoon. Alicia's bata de cola class is very popular and if you are planning on attending, you should reserve in advance.

Santa Cruz

Juana Amaya and Nazaret Reyes

Address: C/ Alejo Fernandez 6

(Estudio de Cristobal Reyes)

Facebook page

This is the studio of Juana Amaya, and her daughter Nazaret Reyes. It is located right outside of Santa Cruz, close to Puerta de Carne. Juana's usual schedule is:

Mon - Fri: 13:00 - 15:00

Nazaret's schedule changes month to month, as she performs a lot. For updated information see Juana's Facebook page or contact her directly.

Santa Justa

Studio Flamenco José Galván

C/ Venecia 12

Facebook page

This is the studio of José Galván, the father of Pastora and Israel Galván. His studio is located close to the Santa Justa train station, which is a bit outside of the centro; however, very worth a trip if you are looking to learn the most traditional flamenco style. 

His courses for years 2019/2020 are as follows:

Mon, Wed, Fri: 19:00 - 20:00 (advanced level)

Tue, Thu: 18:00 - 19:00 (basic and intermediate level bulerías)



La Plazuela espacio de creación flamenca

Address: Plaza Exaltacion de Baco 11

Facebook page

This is the school of the flamenco dancer Angeles Gabaldón. It's a bit outside of the centro de Sevilla, however, definitely worth it if you would like to study with one of the most prominent teacher of escuela sevillana (Seville school of dance). Her classes start in the morning.


Fundación Flamenco Cristina Heeren

Address: C/ Pureza 76


Facebook page

Fundación is the most comprehensive flamenco school offering yearly courses of baile, cante and guitarra. The yearly courses give you the most rounded flamenco education available in Seville for international students. The curriculum, in addition to dance classes, includes flamenco theory, cante for dancers, as well as tablao classes. They have exams to enter and to graduate from every of the three levels. Some of the prominent teachers there include Milagros Menjibar and Luisa Palicio. Fundación also offers short workshops, which they mainly advertise on their Facebook page.

Academia de Flamenco Manuel Betanzos

Address: C/ Rodrigo de Triana 30


Facebook page

This is the school of flamenco dancer Manuel Betanzos. Some of the teachers you can study there with, depending on the season, are: Manuel Betanzos, David Pérez, Adela and Rafael Campallo, and Jesús Aguilera.

Escuela de Flamenco Ángel Atienza

Address: C/ Salado 11, local 4


This is the school of Ángel Atienza, who teaches most of the courses there. Some of the teachers you can study there with, depending on the season, are: La Lupi, Adela Campallo, and Irene la Sentío.



Address: C/ Castilla 94


This is a Spanish affiliate of the Moscow flamenco school, with the same name. The main flamenco teacher who offers clases generales is Blanca Perdiguer, and they also offer short workshops with many invited artists (cursos intensivos). It's one of the most beautiful and modern schools in Sevilla. At night, one of the studio turns into a tablao called "Orillas de Triana", which is one of my recommended spots to see flamenco in Seville.

And more...

Many more classes are offered throughout Sevilla

and the best way to find out all the most updated information about all the is this Facebook Group:

Estudiantes del Flamenco de Sevilla y provincia

Helpful Hints

Generally, most schools offer two types of classes:

Regular classes (clases generales) - These classes are primarily aimed at the long-term students who permanently live in Seville. Most choreography taught in these classes is taught over a period of one or two months. General technique classes also have parts of choreography included, which also tend to change following the same pattern. They are also your most affordable option to study flamenco.

Workshops (cursillos, talleres, cursos intensivos) - These are workshops that last anywhere from few days to a whole month. Some schools only operate on the workshop basis, while most schools offer workshops with invited teachers in addition to regular classes. Workshops are usually more expensive but give you an opportunity to study with someone who doesn't usually give classes, or allow you to take short courses if you only have a week or two to study in Sevilla.

Communication in English

Many schools still do not have personnel who speaks English. If the website has a link to an English version it is often not updated as well as the Spanish version. Finally, none of the flamenco teachers speak English, so make sure to at the very least review your flamenco vocabulary before going to study in Seville. Please contact me if you need help navigating through the flamenco school schedules!



Map of the neighborhoods in Seville

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