Summer  2024 Library Programs

The Art & Culture of Flamenco from Spain

Travel to Spain without leaving your local library!

Embark on a captivating journey into the world of flamenco with La Candela Flamenco! Discover the origins, rich history, and cultural influences in flamenco dance and music, rooted in the heart of Spain. Suitable for all ages, this experience is a vibrant celebration of Spain's artistic heritage through the captivating rhythms and movements of flamenco.

  • Get inspired and read about Spain.
  • Check out La Candela's book list and other fun activities related to Spain & Flamenco


Our hearts were warmed by the enchanting echoes of joy that filled the Edna Boykin Cultural Center as 704 third graders from 12 Wilson County elementary schools experienced our performance.🔥🎶 

Little Lilah exclaimed, "It was crazy and cool—the best day ever!" 🤩👧



Click here to read the entire article in Wilson Times. 

Dates still available this summer: May 20 - May 22, May 27 - May 31, June 21, June 24 - July 5, July 22 - 31

Discover books about Spain & Flamenco

For children

¡Olé! flamenco , by Ancona, George

Spain and Spanish (Getting to Know), by Janet De Saules

Lola's Fandango, by Anna Witte

The Little Matador, by Julian Hector 

I Want to Dance Flamenco!, by Azucena Huidobro 

Mishi and Mashi go to Spain: Mishi and Mashi Visit Europe, by Mary George

The Story of Ferdinand, by Munro Leaf   

Spain, by Susie Brooks

Spain: The Culture, by Noa Lior

Thea Stilton and The Spanish Dance Mission, by Thea Stilton

Flamenco Fantasy, by Cynthia Ventrola Struven

Hardcover Celeste Sails to Spain, by Alison Lester

Aria the World Traveler: Spain, by Anna Kim

For adults

The Flamenco Academy, by Bird, Sarah.

Only in Spain: a foot-stomping, firecracker of a memoir about food, Flamenco, and falling in love, by Bennett, Nellie.

Sonidos Negros: On the Blackness of Flamenco, by K. Meira Goldberg 

Kinky gazpacho: life, love & Spain, Lori L. Tharps.

Iberia; Spanish travels and reflections, by James A. Michener

Driving over lemons: an optimist in Spain, by Chris Stewart

The Art of Flamenco, by Jason Webster

The Return, by Victoria Hislop

Song of the Outcasts, by Robin Totton 

Don Quixote, by Miguel de Cervantes 

A Way Of Life, by D. E. Pohren

A Summer In Flamenco, by Jackie Cornwall

All About Flamenco/Todos Sobre Flamenco, by Silvia Oivo

Art Of Flamenco, by D. E. Pohren

Lives and Legends of Flamenco, by D. E. Pohren

Only In Spain: A Foot-Stomping Firecracker of a Memoir About Food, Flamenco and Falling In Love, by Nellie Bennett

South of Granada, by Gerald Brenan.

Ten Great Books set in ANDALUCÍAA Parrot in a Pepper Tree, by Chris Stewart

Flamenco & Spain related Activities

About La Candela Flamenco

La Candela (from Spanish, fire or flame) brings the essence of fiery flamenco in a fun, colorful, and interactive way, introducing the art form of flamenco to audiences of all ages. La Candela Flamenco's mission is to bring people of diverse backgrounds together, inspiring them through traditional and reimagined flamenco performances.